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“There is a universal Law of Compensation?” you ask?

Yes, there is. There are only three factors to earning the majority of the market share at any given time, and the Law of Compensation is governed as follows:

  1. The need for what you do,
  2. Your ability to fulfill that need consistently, and
  3. How difficult or easy is it to replace you.

Satisfied customers are not secure customers in tomorrow’s marketplace, and you are vulnerable because of the false sense of security you feel as it relates to number three in this law.

Do you have what it takes to build a truly sustainable business? Is entrepreneurship a skill or a divinely given DNA strand?

There are plenty of tests out there you can take by organizations like the Founders' Institute. However, as an entrepreneur for over 19 years, I will tell you that there is no test yet, like the real world of execution that separates the winners and losers.

Guts, Grit, and Gall are ingredient strands for your success. I hope the real-world examples of fellow Startup Drugz community members below that personify these traits inspire you to get out of bed an hour earlier tomorrow.

Culture IS the Game Changer!

Culture IS the Game Changer!

A Guest blog post by @startupdrugz community member Gus Van Dender, Founder of

As a proud community member of Startup Drugz and the founder of, I get a chance to talk about the topic of culture day in and day out with entrepreneurs and leaders of small and large enterprises. With that being said, I was really struck by some of the golden nuggets that came from this brief interview I had last week with Chris J Snook and his answers the 3 questions I ask all of our clients. I believe that some of his answers can help you think about this important topic and unlock its game-changing potential in your business. 

The life of an entrepreneur is glorious but it certainly ain't glamorous and the road...
Let’s talk about the most critical do-it-yourself video hacks with a Startup Drugz community member...

Do You Have Entrepreneurial DNA?

Do You Have Entrepreneurial DNA?

How Much Pain Can You Take? How do you know if being an entrepreneur is in your DNA?

Like professional athletes, entrepreneurs must train and prepare themselves mentally, physically and emotionally. Yet unlike athletes, entrepreneurs don't get to relax during the offseason. Starting a business is easy but building one, gaining traction, and scaling your idea into a viable business enterprise is a bloodsport. It’s a 24/7/365 extreme environment of wear and tear on the entrepreneur and those around them.



You have found our blog. Here we will share our best hacks, warstories, featured tips from your peers, and the backstory/purpose of our best selling shirts here to keep you armed and entertained as you hit the pavement each day to hustle and grind!

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