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To all the seniors in High School, College, or Graduate School who are graduating this month, I sincerely congratulate you on this milestone. Most of you are between the ages of 18-24 and are both excited, hopefully optimistic, and a little bit stressed about what to do next. The 11 questions below and the included 'recommended reading list', will give you massive momentum in business, life, and whatever is next for you.

I distinctly remember some of the questions that were at the top of my mind the week leading up to when I was graduating undergraduate school. They seem so funny now, but I remember calling my Dad a bit stressed and asking "When do I have to pay my taxes again now that I am in the real world?" also, "What is a mortgage? I know I need one to buy a house, but I don't know what it is or even how to get it. Why didn't they teach me that here, I had 4 years?" 



You have found our blog. Here we will share our best hacks, warstories, featured tips from your peers, and the backstory/purpose of our best selling shirts here to keep you armed and entertained as you hit the pavement each day to hustle and grind!

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Increasing Self Awareness-Serial Entrepreneurs And The Race to Nowhere

Increasing Self Awareness-Serial Entrepreneurs And The Race to Nowhere

by Guest Author on May 24, 2019

Guest Author Jonathan Aymin is a Startup Drugz community...



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Fully customizable.

So true and I love your tees!

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"You've gotta hustle and you must be willing to grind, but it all begins with taking care of your mind. Thanks for keeping our minds right @startupdrugz!"

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