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We are presently living through the largest era of fake entrepreneurship in the history of humanity. Twenty years ago it wasn't a "thing" to be an entrepreneur.

Make no mistake, I believe that the world needs more "real" entrepreneurs and 90 percent of all our philanthropic work at Launch Haus focuses on helping develop new founders globally. Yet at the same time, we have put being an entrepreneur on this glamorous pedestal that will have a generation of young people dangerously disheartened and feeling lost during the next downturn when reality strikes and revenue and operating cash flow count more than "lifestyle photos" and "likes" on social media.

Since Startup Drugz is about nurturing the success and community of "real" entrepreneurs (both proven ones and aspiring up and comers) I wanted to take this post to focus on the one trait (or mental muscle) that is dominantly present in all those who achieve lasting success. It ties directly to our message of "Dream BIG, Hustle Harder" because although dreams and ideas matter, they are meaningless if you cannot harness the power of your Will to execute in spite of circumstances, adversities, or economic conditions. 



You have found our blog. Here we will share our best hacks, warstories, featured tips from your peers, and the backstory/purpose of our best selling shirts here to keep you armed and entertained as you hit the pavement each day to hustle and grind!

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Adam on
Fully customizable.

So true and I love your tees!

Nick on

"You've gotta hustle and you must be willing to grind, but it all begins with taking care of your mind. Thanks for keeping our minds right @startupdrugz!"

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